• Grace Ekpo

Clinician of the Month: Grace Ekpo

7th September 2023|

We're delighted to announce that Grace Ekpo is our Clinician of the Month for August 2023. As a greatly valued member of the team, Grace was nominated by colleagues because sh...

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  • Pauline

Clinician of the Month: Pauline Cook

4th August 2023|

Congratulations to our Clinician of the Month for July 2023, Pauline Cook. Pauline was nominated by colleagues in recognition of the quality of care and support she provides. ...

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  • Bethel

Clinician of the Month: Bethel Obiadazie

9th July 2023|

A big shout out to Bethel Obiadazie who is our Clinician of the Month for June 2023. Bethel was nominated by colleagues for the great work that he does and the teamwork he dis...

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  • Harry Fombon

Clinician of the Month: Harry Fombon

8th June 2023|

We are delighted to share the news that Harry Fombon is our Clinician of the Month for May 2023. Harry was nominated by a colleague for" his hard work, respect and dedication ...

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  • Lilian

Clinician of the Month: Lilian Obiadazie

4th May 2023|

Congratulations to Lilian Obiadazie, our Clinician of the Month for April 2023. It goes without saying that this accolade is very well deserved and reflects how much Lilian is...

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  • Aniebiet

Clinician of the Month: Aniebiet Umoren

6th April 2023|

A big congratulations goes out to Aniebiet Umoren, our clinician of the month for March 2023. Aniebiet is very supportive and proactive in the work that he does.  Nothing ever...

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  • Emuhowo Ogbokor

Clinician of the Month: Emuhowo Ogbokor

3rd March 2023|

Congratulations goes out to Emuhowo Ogbokor, who is our Clinician of the Month for February. The dedication, hard work and commitment Emuhowo demonstrates in the support he pr...

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  • Brandon

Clinician of the Month: Brandon Rogers

5th February 2023|

Congratulations to Brandon Rogers, our Clinician of the Month for January who has been nominated by several colleagues for the outstanding care and support he provides. Brando...

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